Monday, September 25, 2017
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World's Number One Producer of Flexible Composites for the Electrical Industry

Bedford Materials is the world's number one producer of flexible composites for the electrical industry, and has been designing and manufacturing them longer than anyone in the industry.  The broadest product line, combined with unique capabilities in treating, coating, impregnating, and slitting, allows Bedford Materials to manufacture flexible composites to meet almost any customer demand.

FLEXIBLE COMPOSITES - laminated papers, films, foils, and non-wovens.

- fully coated or diamond pattern paper (DPP) insulation for transformers.

FLEXIBLE COATED MATERIALS - a variety of substrates coated or impregnated with engineered resin systems:
Varnished Fabrics
B-Stage Materials

ADVANCED COMPOSITES - complex resin systems applied to high technology substrates.

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