Monday, September 25, 2017
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Electro-Flex Heat is an Integral Part of Your Custom Heating Solutions


Since early 1954, Electro-Flex Heat, Inc. has produced flexible heating elements and complete heating systems to meet the needs of industry, commerce, and the military. In that year, E.F.H. Industries, Electro-Flex's predecessor company, was incorporated and commenced production. Electro-Flex has progressed over 40 years of operation, to a position of prominence in the design, development, and production of flexible heating elements to fit the most exacting requirements.

Today, all company operations are based in an 18,000 square foot plant totally equipped for the efficient production of flexible heating elements. In addition to this basic capability, the company is constantly called upon to develop custom heaters for a wide variety of applications, many of them unique and highly proprietary.

Electro-Flex is fortunate in the caliber of talent which can be brought to bear on every heating problem. Manufacturers' representatives, strategically located across the country, are thoroughly experienced, and highly trained to service Electro-Flex customers.

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