Monday, September 25, 2017
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Meeting Your Silicone Wire & Cable Needs


Rowe Industries is devoted to the fabrication and engineering applications of high dielectric spirally laminated insulation tubing, silicone wire and tape.

Our specially selected distributor representatives are professionals skilled in the proper selection and use of our products and materials. The are backed by factory representatives to provide you with additional expertise to solve your unique needs.

R790 Super Tough High Voltage Silicone Lead Wire

Used in military, space and industrial: high abrasion resistance, high voltage and flexibility.

Braidless Silicone Rubber Wire

Used in high temp applications such as: motors, transformers, generators, lighting fixtures, stoves, dryers and therapeutic and electronic devices.

R800 Series High Voltage Silicone Lead Wire

Used in power supplies, electronic equipment: high abrasion resistance, high voltage, flame resistance and flexibility.

UL3239 High Voltage Lead Wire

Used in stoves, heaters, furnaces, dryers, motors, therapeutic devices, tvs, signs, lighting fixtures and special electronic devices.

UL3530 High Voltage Braidless Lead Wire

Used in electrical and gas ranges, small appliances, igniters, generators, motors, lighting equipment and transformers.

High Voltage Coaxial Cable

Used in accelerators, radar, X-ray, ECN systems, lasers, and instrumentation.

High Voltage Silicone Coated F.E.P. (Teflon) Wire

Used in radar systems, ECMs, CRT displays, laser systems, airborne system applications with minimal size.

Fiberglass Jacketed Lead Wire

Used in motors, generators, transformers, stoves, ovens, clothes dryers, therapeutic and electronic devices, lighting fixtures and internal wiring of appliances and equipment.

Military Hook-Up Wire MIL-W-16878

Used for internal wiring of meter panels and electronic equipment.

VERSIWRAP Silicone Rubber Tape

Ideal for automatic wrapping processes, such as for coils. May be used in both Class A and Class B applications.

Extruded Silicone Rubber Tubing

Used in high temp, high voltage applications where other types of insulation would be subject to corona breakdown.

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We have a full engineering staff that can design and produce what you need at our state of the art tooling & machining facility.

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